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Basic vocabulary

July 27, 2011

Below is a list of some of the very basic words (and phrases) that I have learned so far – as you can see, I have not got very far, however pronunciation and perfect spelling from memory are both important to me, so I am making sure to take as much time as I need to memorise everything perfectly.

안녕하세요 an-nyeong-ha-se-yo Hello
안녕히 계세요 an-nyeong-hi gye-se-yo Goodbye (stay in peace)
안녕히 가세요 an-nyeong-hi ga-se-yo Goodbye (go in peace)
죄승합니다 joe-song-hap-ni-da Sorry
감사합니다 gam-sa-hap-ni-da Thank you
저기요 jo-gi-yo Excuse me
ne Yes
아니요 a-ni-yo No
아니에요 a-ni-e-yo You’re welcome / to be not
맞아 ma-ja-yo That’s right
잠시만요 jam-si-man-yo Just a second
mwo What
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