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In Praise of Lang-8

July 27, 2011

I will be making posts about all of my favourite Korean language resources as I continue with this blog. Though Seoul Searching is very much for my own reference, I am sure there will be those that stumble upon my blog who are equally interested in learning Korean as I am.

Lang-8 is a fantastic multilingual website, designed for users all around the world, with the aim of native speakers helping out learners of their language with their writing, in exchange for help with the learner’s native language. This is primarily done on Lang-8 by writing diary entries. For example, if I were to write a diary entry in Korean, this would come up on the home page of a native Korean speaker, who would then correct my mistakes. In turn, I could help the Korean speaker with their English diary entries. It seems like such a simple and obvious idea, yet it works so well.

I do not yet know enough Korean in order to write a full diary entry, however I still signed up the moment I learned of Lang-8. Since then, I have already spoken to numerous people (primarily Korean) about language and culture, which is as fascinating as it is useful. I have used my time on the website helping to correct English (which many, many people on Lang-8 are keen to learn), and as a result, I have a network of wonderful people ready and willing to help me to write better Korean in return.

Of course, it is important (and perhaps very obvious) to point out that this website will not help you speak a foreign language better, but merely improve one’s understanding of grammatical structure and vocabulary. However, I have found that many of the Lang-8 users are keen to speak on Skype in order to practice pronunciation. I have also recently learned of a website called RhinoSpike, which is basically the spoken equivalent of Lang-8, where native speakers will read out a script of the language you wish to learn to aid you with your pronunciation. More on that later.

I’d definitely reccommend signing up, and if you do, make sure to add me! I might even start posting diary entries in Korean one day…

안녕히 게세요!

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